Thursday, November 18, 2004

Planned Parenthood Hires Adult 'Services' Provider


Planned Parenthood has 'dungeon monitor' oversee some Indiana youth
outreach programs

Washington, D.C.- "Planned Parenthood has stooped to another disgusting low
by employing as an Indiana 'sexuality educator' a woman who has a
background with adult bookstores, escort services and even sado-masochism"
said Jim Sedlak, director of American Life League's STOPP International.
"The abortion chain continues to force its perversion on the public through
representatives such as this woman, who obviously has worked in areas where
the idea of what human sexuality is really about is greatly distorted."

On her Planned Parenthood business card, it states that she is a Sexuality
Educator and Trainer for Southern Indiana, as well as the Local Peer
Education Coordinator for Planned Parenthood. After further investigation,
it was discovered that the woman's biographical information includes
references to experience "as an adult book store clerk, BDSM dungeon
monitor and escort service phone dispatcher."

"The most disturbing part of this story is the fact that, through Planned
Parenthood, this woman is in charge of programs for children," said Sedlak.
"Planned Parenthood's website directs anyone interested in its teen peer
education program to contact her. That is a major problem."

Across the country, Planned Parenthood touts itself as a provider of
medically accurate sexuality education for young people. Because of this
erroneous label, the abortion giant has successfully infiltrated public
schools, Girl Scout troops, 4-H clubs, churches and other organizations
that work with children.

"It is intolerable that Planned Parenthood would consider a person with
this background as someone suitable to teach our young people," said
Sedlak. "It is especially troubling because of the fact that Planned
Parenthood often uses our tax money to support these programs, and
frequently sends these 'educators' into publicly funded schools."

"STOPP urges anyone who is troubled by this information to contact every
school board member and elected official in your area," said Sedlak. "We
must let all school officials know that Planned Parenthood's 'sexuality
educators' do not belong anywhere near our schools and our children."