Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Historian Says Harvard U Supported the Nazis

Historian: Harvard supported Nazis

Boston, MA, Nov. 14 (UPI) -- A historian said Sunday Harvard University
was friendly with Nazi Germany after Americans became aware of the
regime's crimes in the 1930s.

Stephen Norwood, a professor at the University of Oklahoma, spoke of his
findings, published in a research paper titled "Legitimating Nazism:
Harvard University and the Hitler Regime," at a Boston University
conference on the Holocaust, the Boston Globe reported Sunday.

Harvard's official records portray the school as anti-Nazi, but Norwood
said Harvard had an ambiguous relationship with Germany in the mid-1930s.
Norwood said Harvard welcomed one of Hitler's closest deputies to campus
for his reunion in 1934, sent delegates to celebrate the University of
Heidelberg's anniversary in 1936 -- after the German university had purged
all its Jewish professors and students -- and declined numerous
opportunities to help Jewish refugees.

"Harvard was involved in active steps that helped legitimate the Nazi
regime in the West," Norwood said. "Harvard was among the worst
[universities], and its record was shameful and unjustifiable."

However, Harvard officials dispute Norwood's conclusions.

"The university was then and is now repulsed by everything that Hitler
represents," a Harvard spokesman said in a statement.