Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Americans Being Targeted for 'Behavior Modification'

By Paul Walter
November 16, 2004

"Fifty years is ample time in which to change a world and its people
almost beyond recognition. All that is required for the task are a sound
knowledge of social engineering, a clear sight of the intended goal - and
power." -- Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood's End.

A recent measure in Santa Cruz, California was a prime example of how the
people are being manipulated at the local level through what's called
'sustainable development' being done incrementally. Measure J was defeated
by the people, but it is imperative that Americans fully understand that
'sustainable development' is the blueprint for destroying liberty and
private property rights. Americans should make no mistake about the
seriousness of this issue and how it will affect your life. Like a giant
octopus spreading its tentacles, this type of measure and similar
legislation is spreading across this country like a cancer. It can be
defeated by an educated citizenry as was demonstrated by the voters in
Santa Cruz on November 2, 2004.

Measure J in Santa Cruz exemplified the underpinnings of 'sustainable
development' by using local laws deceptively presented, but which were in
fact, mini steps in behavior modification. This statement is validated by
Linda Wilshusen, who was Executive Director of the Transportation
Commission from the seventies until a short time ago expressed her opinion
in 1988 when she said, "This concept of 'traffic management' has very
little to do with science and engineering and a lot to do with sociology,
marketing and behavior modification, as well as land use, parking and fuel
availability, demographics and the like."

Wilshusen wasn't the only person to let the cat out of the bag. On
September 16, 2004 during a presentation on Measure J to their local
Chamber of Commerce, Supervisor Ellen Pirie insisted that the HOV lane
proposed was needed: “If we add this lane, then we have more
possibilities, because then we have a way of getting people out of their
cars.” This is behavior modification through the back door.

Sustainable development should be the subject of discussion all across
America, but most people don't know what it means, how it's being
implemented and that the federal government is a willing participant in
destroying our Republic. While some may automatically knee-jerk over such
a statement, America's continued participation in the UN and programs like
UNESCO spell even further destruction of our sovereignty and standard of
living. Whether it's a 'traffic control' measure or one pertaining to the
environment, non-governmental organizations, the worker ants of the
globalists, push ahead each day in pursuit of world wide communism
disguised by various labels. All of this is being kissed and blessed by
local city fathers and state governments.

In his excellent piece titled 'Social Engineering for Global Change,' Carl
Teichrib further educates on the 'International Baccalaureate

"Originally, the IBO was established to provide a common educational basis
for international students that would be acceptable to universities around
the world. With this in mind, IBO curriculum has, for over 35 years,
emphasized that its students broaden their understanding of various
cultures, languages, and points of view.

"Understanding other's points of view, cultures and languages is, in
itself, a noble task - it's something that I work at pursuing and
instilling within my own children and in myself. But underlining IBO's
philosophy is something deeper; according to George Walker, the Director
General at IBO, "International education offers people a state of mind:
international-mindedness. You've got to change people's thinking." Hence,
"students develop an awareness of moral and ethical issues and a sense of
social responsibility...fostered by examining local and global issues."

"This is not simply ambiguous language. In advancing the
international-mindedness of IBO, the organization has endorsed the Earth
Charter - an earth-centered declaration which venerates global
political-ethical-moral and spiritual unification. Some, such as Mikhail
Gorbachev, have gone so far as to compare the Earth Charter with "those 10
or 15 Commandments which we all know about...those famous testaments."

"Providing the Earth Charter initiative with advanced support, the
International Baccalaureate Organization has agreed to become an Earth
Charter partnership entity, along with such groups as the Association of
World Citizens, Friends of the Earth, Global People's Assembly, Rain
Forest Action Network, the U.S. branch of the United Nations Association,
and the World Parliament of Religion.

"Furthermore, IBO Deputy Director General, Ian Hill, sits on the Earth
Charter Initiative Education Advisory Committee. Going further, IBO is
currently looking at ways to incorporate the Earth Charter into the
following curriculum areas; Theory of Knowledge, Environmental Systems,
Environmental Science, Technology and Social Change, Peace and Conflict
Studies, Experimental Science, Philosophy, Geography, History, Math, and
the Arts.

"None of this would be very remarkable if the IBO were a small entity
stuffed somewhere in a forgotten corner of the world - but it's not.
Presently, almost 1,300 schools around the globe are authorized to offer
IBO programs. And in the U.S. and Canada, just under 650 schools are tied
in to the IBO, with 473 in the U.S. Adding to this, the IBO is linked into
a number of United Nations' functions beyond the U.N. inspired Earth
Charter and UNESCO - where it holds a special consultative status. The IBO
has been involved in prep work for the U.N.'s World Summit on Sustainable
Development, it's involved in a number of U.N. International Schools, and
the organization works with a variety of United Nations Model programs. In
other words, it's an organization with considerable "social change"
inroads at the international level.

"Funding for the body also reflects this global-local-global approach.
During the month of October, 2003, in a monetary show of support, the U.S.
Department of Education awarded the IBO a grant of $1.17 million.
According to the IBO press release, these U.S. taxpayer funds were to be
specifically channeled into setting up IBO programs "in six middle and
high school partnerships in disadvantaged areas in Massachusetts, New York
and Arizona."

Fighting back means fighting smart. I urge you to educate yourself , your
family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues on this issue. As time is
precious for Americans working hard each day to bring home the bacon and
familial obligations, NWVs has a fine six-hour video presentation on
sustainable development that will help you and everyone you know
understand this issue from the inside out. This excellent series should be
shown at meetings for all groups and organizations. This is an American
issue that affects you, your family, our liberty and freedoms.