Friday, October 08, 2004

Where Will the 'Rainbow' School Bus Take Our Kids?

School's Out -- Will the Rainbow Bus Take Our Kids to the Land of Diversity?
By Ed Vitagliano | AFA Journal News Editor

Transvestite teachers. Boys kissing boys in restrooms. Teens taught about
anal sex. "Gay" fairy tales for children.
Could these things actually become a reality in our public schools? The
speed of change in our society thus far, driven by resolute homosexual
activists, indicates that the answer is most assuredly yes.
In case some people think such projections about the future are a hunk of
homophobic hooey, they might want to consider the fact that, in some parts
of the country, these things are already happening.
So what changes can be expected, and what would life in our public schools
be like if homosexual activists win the culture war? The following are
predictions based on current trends.
Entrenchment of ‘gay’ viewpoint
For more than three decades, activists have been demanding that the public
school system be enlisted as a primary engine in the effort to normalize
In their 1972 Gay Rights Platform, activists meeting in Chicago, Illinois,
demanded "[f]ederal encouragement and support for sex education courses,
prepared and taught by gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a
valid, healthy preference and lifestyle as a viable alternative to
Similarly, in their 1993 March on Washington, D.C., activists demanded that
such radical instruction be taught on "all levels of education" — federal,
state and local, grades K-12.
Support for the homosexual agenda is already solid throughout the
professional education organizations, such as the National Education
Association, American Federation of Teachers, American Association of School
Administrators, and the National Association of School Psychologists.
The National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has also made it clear that it
supports the normalization of homosexuality within the public school system.
In 1999, for example, National PTA President Ginny Markell said her
organization would be making available the video That’s a Family!, which
embraces same-sex families, as part of a nationwide effort to fight
discrimination against homosexuals.
At its 2004 conference in Anaheim, California, the National PTA partnered
with Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), a
pro-homosexual group, to cooperatively present a workshop that instructed
educators about how to promote homosexuality in public schools.
Across the nation, outside homosexual pressure groups are constantly pushing
schools to create an environment in which the "gay" lifestyle is celebrated.
Perhaps the most effective of these groups, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight
Education Network (GLSEN), says it has almost 70 chapters throughout the
nation. The group claims on its Web site that, by the end of the 2002-2003
school year, 1,864 student clubs — called "Gay-Straight Alliances" — had
registered with GLSEN.
Other projects, such as the controversial videos It’s Elementary and That’s
a Family!, have been instrumental in instructing public school
administrators and faculty how to teach children of all ages about
homosexuality. It’s Elementary, for example, has been acquired by nearly two
thousand educational institutions across the country.
As sympathy for the homosexual agenda becomes embedded in the nation’s
public school systems, the changes promise to be dramatic. Linda Harvey of
Mission America, a pro-family group, predicts that: "School literature will
be adapted to reflect a positive view of the homosexual family as a future
option for every child. Josh will learn that he can grow up and marry a girl
or a boy. And since at age six he probably hasn’t yet discovered his sexual
‘identity,’ the fair thing will be to present all angles to him in language,
health, music and social studies."
Opposition will be squelched
If the celebration of homosexuality is one side of the public school coin,
the other side will be the denigration of opposing views. And when those
contrary views are rooted in Christian beliefs, the antagonism that arises
from "gay" sympathizers will be even more vigorous.
For example, at Arcata High School in Arcata, California, Christian students
in that public school were ridiculed for their beliefs about homosexuality
in a sex education lesson. Led by a representative of Planned Parenthood,
students were told to stand in a circle and were asked, "Do you have a
religious belief about homosexuality that considers it a sin and wrong?"
Those who did were told they had to remain alone in the circle.
The representative admitted that "the children who answered ‘yes’ had to
stay in the circle. This caused them to feel very demeaned, put down."
In St. Paul, Minnesota, 16-year-old Elliott Chambers was ordered by his
principal to stop wearing a sweatshirt that simply said "Straight Pride" on
the front, and contained the image of a man and woman holding hands on the
And during a planned, day-long protest by homosexual students in Boone,
North Carolina, three Christian high school students were suspended by the
principal because they refused to change their "offensive" T-shirts. The
objectionable message? The trio’s shirts bore Biblical messages about
homosexuality and salvation.
In some schools, where students have been steadily fed homosexual propaganda
for years, it is sometimes classmates, and not school officials, who assume
the role of persecutors. One woman, whose family had moved from the South to
New Hampshire, said her boys were shocked at how they were received.
"My 16-year-old son had to deal with unwanted advances from other male
students," she said. When she approached school officials to try to put a
stop to the harassment by homosexuals, they refused. "[W]hat happened was
the students found out that my 16- and 17-year-old boys were against
homosexuality so they were taunted constantly and treated as if they were
Homosexual techniques will be taught to students
When homosexuality is accepted in principle, the sexual activities
associated with it will be included in public school sex education classes.
Frightening stories are already arising that give a chilling glimpse into
what would be in store for public school children.
In 2000, the Boston affiliate of GLSEN co-sponsored a conference which gave
explicit "gay" sex lessons to kids as young as 14, and then tried to keep
that information from reaching parents. The event, held at Tufts University,
was funded by the Massachusetts Department of Education. Lecturers explained
to participants about different homosexual practices, including "fisting,"
the homosexual practice of inserting one’s fist and forearm into the anus of
another man.
In Vermont another "gay" group, called Outright Vermont, has been pushing
the homosexual agenda in schools — also at taxpayer expense. According to
its own documents, Outright Vermont has used taxpayer money to provide
"safer sex activities" and "parties" for teens, including "demonstrations,
guided practice and skill evaluation" for the use of prophylactics, and the
distribution of free condoms, lubricants for sexual intercourse between
males, "dental dams" for oral sex between lesbians, and latex gloves for
mutual masturbation between homosexual teenagers. In 2000 alone, the number
of such items requested by Outright Vermont for distribution to teens was
scandalous: 5,000 condoms, 750 dental dams, 750 latex gloves, and 2,000
packets of lubricant.
Sometimes the legitimization of homosexual activity is done in a roundabout
way. Harvey says that "both GLSEN and PFLAG advocate book selections for
youth that include positive portrayals of homosexual sex between boys,
pornography use, cheating on a spouse with a homosexual lover, homosexual
sex between underage youth and adults, and straight and ‘gay’
experimentation by ‘uncertain’ youth."
Acceptance of ‘transgenders’
Activists argue that human sexuality is so fluid as to encompass all
conceivable orientations: heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, and
even people who attempt the alteration of gender appearance.
This latter group consists of "trans-gendered" individuals — men and women
who believe that their biological sex does not accurately reflect what they
perceive their gender to be. Some, called transsexuals, have sex-change
operations, while others maintain their biological sex and merely
Such gender-bending concepts are already causing chaos in some public
schools. In Missouri last year, the Francis Howell Board of Education
rejected complaints from parents when the cross-dressing parent of a
fourth-grade student chaperoned school field trips. In Brockton,
Massachusetts, a 15-year-old male student demanded the right to come to
school dressed like a girl, and school officials capitulated.
Meanwhile, in 1998 students at Southwest High School in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, were forced to accept librarian David Nielsen’s transition into
"Debra Davis," after he began wearing woman’s clothes to school and
identified himself as a woman.
Alarmingly, in that case the school sent a letter home with students that
defended its decision to embrace Nielsen’s cross-dressing. "We believe
[students] will be more enriched and have a better understanding of
diversity by knowing and working with this employee," the letter said.
According to the Evangelical News Service, Southwest High School even
presented to students "educational sessions" on transgenderism.
Nielsen also upset some teachers when he began using the women’s faculty
restroom. Both the school administration and, eventually, a federal court,
rebuffed the complaints of female teachers.
Groups like GLSEN, PFLAG and the largest homosexual lobby group, the Human
Rights Campaign, all support changes in law which would include the full
acceptance of transgendered students right along with those who define
themselves as "gay," lesbian or bisexual.
If these demands are fully embraced, the prospect of gender chaos in schools
will be assured.
For more than 30 years, homosexual activists have been demanding that our
Judeo-Christian culture capitulate and embrace their view of human
sexuality, marriage and family. If Americans ever accept these demands, they
can expect to live in a culture that will be turned upside down — literally
unhinged from the sane moorings instituted by the God of heaven.
Harvey’s prediction is of a grotesque culture that includes: "Lesbian bride
dolls. Fourth grade ‘gay’ clubs. A king and king at the high school prom.
Dating tips for same-sex teens. Bathroom ogling — and sometimes quick
encounters — in the middle school boys’ restroom."
Fortunately, while the groundwork for these changes has been laid, it is not
yet a done deal. But Americans who believe there is something inherently
abnormal, unnatural and immoral about homosexuality had better stand up
right now.
If the public schools are lost to homosexual activists, our children and
grandchildren will be thrown into a queer new world. And there’s nothing gay
about that.