Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry Surrounded By Skirt-Chasers


October 25, 2004 -- WHILE John Kerry passes himself off as a family man these days, the Democratic presidential nominee's inner circle of friends working overtime to get him into the White House are mostly single, fiftysomething, skirt-chasing lotharios with an appetite for twentysomething babes.

"It could be quite a house of seduction for John's friends," quipped one Kerry friend.

"They're chomping at the bit to turn the place into their own clubhouse."

The core group is comprised primarily of lobbyists, bankers and real estate developers who were instrumental in helping procure young dates for the junior Senator from Massachusetts during his swinging single days — a period his wife Teresa later referred to as his "gypsy years."

Before his marriage to the controversial ketchup heiress, Kerry dated Morgan Fairchild, Catherine Oxenberg, Michele Phillips, Patti Davis and British gin heiress Emma Gilbey, who's now married to New York Times executive editor Bill Keller.

Massachusetts-based lawyer Bob Crowe and real estate mogul Arthur Halleran, who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Kerry, also shared girlfriends with him during the early 1990s.

In one instance, Kerry's then-26-year-old blonde girlfriend, Kristin Pettine — now a married mother living in Washington, D.C. — first dated Kerry, then dumped the still-single senator for the formerly much wealthier Halleran. Similarly, Kerry would often pursue women Crowe and other of his close pals had dated.

What the women had in common was that they were all young, pretty and mostly broke, according to several Beltway insiders. "It was quite a love-in," recalls a friend of the presidential candidate. "They were always preying on each other's dates."

Our source says, "Kerry and his cronies actually had a competiton to bed the best-looking and youngest conquests."

At one point, Kerry even dated the woman who was once caught in a widely reported incident under the table of senior Massachussetts Sen. Ted Kennedy at a Capitol Hill restaurant.