Friday, October 01, 2004

Kansans Being Conditioned to Accept Mass Innoculations

Flu-X: Conditioning Kansans to Give or Accept Mass Inoculations on Cue
Mark Erwin | September 30 2004

This month, ten Kansas counties are going to conduct a “mass dispensing exercise” called “Flu-X.”
What’s a “mass dispensing exercise” you ask?
In the words of my own county’s health department’s press release, it’s a federally funded “opportunity to practice vaccinating a large group of people in a relatively short period of time.”
Specifically, folks (even babies as young as six months old) will be offered free flu shots, but only if they show up at a designated central staging area on the appointed day, within a narrow seven hour window of time.
The hope is that citizens enticed by the offer of free flu shots will swamp the staging area and provide public health officials with a scene comparable to what they might experience during what they vaguely describe as a “large-scale public health emergency.”
But conditioning local public health officials to accept as normal or necessary the mass inoculation of entire populations in a short period of time is only half their agenda. In the words of one Health Department Director, “This Flu-X exercise also gives the public the experience of participating in a mass immunization event. The public will be able to learn what is expected in the event of a large-scale public health emergency.”
It gives the public “experience.” It teaches us “what is expected.” Perhaps with enough conditioning, we’ll overlook the fact that the “experience” and “what is expected” is patently insane.
To my knowledge, there has never been a “large-scale public health emergency” in Kansas that has ever required a response as bizarre or draconian as this.
So what is it that they are really preparing us for? What sort of “large-scale public health emergency” would require mass inoculations of the entire population in a matter of hours?
And would such mass inoculations, should this vague “large-scale public health emergency” ever arise, be voluntary or forced?
Thankfully, these Flu-X “mass dispensing exercises” still rely on voluntary participation. Their “success” hinges on the public:
1) Believing that flu shots are actually good for them despite evidence that they contain mercury and other toxic contaminants far exceeding safe levels. For example, last year it was reported that flu vaccines were found to contain 250 times the safe level of mercury set by the EPA.
2) Showing up en masse at the designated staging area during the window of “opportunity” in order to get the shots for free.
To gull the public into participating, slick PR campaigns are being rolled out. Check out this flyer being circulated in Shawnee County, which includes Topeka, our state’s capital:
And here’s the website for one local agency promoting this federally-funded insanity, the Shawnee County “Medical Reserve Corps:”
I wonder if other counties in other states are inviting their citizenry to participate in such “mass dispensing exercises?” Or is my home state of Kansas being singled for special attention by our federal terror lords. And if Kansas is being singled out, what might they have planned for us here, in our otherwise quiet corner of the world?
As the 9/11 event itself demonstrated, federally sponsored drills have an uncanny way of becoming reality. Such mass conditioning is not for nothing. Something is up.
Only time will tell, of course. But the fact that so many of my fellow Kansans are being conditioned to give or accept mass inoculations is not at all comforting. Hopefully, Kansans (and Americans generally) will reject the bait of free intravenous poison when offered, reject this insane “large-scale public health emergency” forced mass inoculation response paradigm the federal government is attempting to condition us all to accept as normal or necessary, and make these and all future “mass dispensing exercises” complete and total busts.