Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Canada Losing Its Soul

Calgary Sun
Tue, October 12, 2004
Loss of soul
Federal Liberal limpness has eroded our identity
By Paul Jackson

Canada is fast becoming a country without a soul.

That's what tough-minded political acquaintances
increasingly tell me.

Likely, they are right, too.

Let me explain.

The U.S. surely has a soul. Americans know they live
in the greatest country in the world. They respect the
Stars and Stripes, and sing The Star-Spangled Banner
with passion. Patriotism pounds in their hearts.

Britain has a soul. The British Monarchy binds the
nation together, and Britons still worship heroes from
King Arthur to Admiral Lord Nelson to Sir Winston
Churchill. Like the Americans, average Brits still
figure they are better than any other nationality in
the world.

France has soul. Its imperial grandeur lives on.
Indeed, the French still yearn to regain their lost
empire and place in the world. The French believe they
are the most sophisticated and intellectual people on
the planet. Perhaps they are.

Coincidentally, the only part of Canada with anything
like a soul is Quebec. French-Canadians will do
anything to protect their language and culture. Why
denigrate them for that?

Italy has a soul. It is a vivacious and vibrant nation
with great style and food. Chaotic, but it still
functions. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wants to
rebuild Italy into the second most important nation in
the world, after the U.S. Compare that to Prime
Minister Paul Martin's centre of focus for our
country. He has none.

Russia has a soul. True, it's a mournful, yearning
soul. Always has been. But from Peter the Great to
Vladimir Putin's current reign, Russians love their
Motherland. So they should. They have great literature
from Leo Tolstoy to Boris Pasternak to Alexandre
Solzhenitsyn. Dancers from Vaslav Nijinsky to Mikhail
Baryshnikov have made the country unsurpassed in
ballet. In classical music, composers from Peter
Tchaikovsky to Dimitri Shostakovich strike the chords.
Russians loved their country so much they even
followed the leadership of the loathesome slavemaster
Josef Stalin to save it from Adolf Hitler's Nazi

I could go on, but you've likely already got the

So where is our own country's soul? Where is its
heart? What does it stand for?

The truth is, Liberal prime ministers from Pierre
Trudeau to Jean Chretien to Paul Martin have carved
away our country's soul. They have taken away any
values our nation had, leaving us with a porridge of
Lib-Left platitudes.

These are the people who have made our traditions and
our emblems irrelevant. As someone pointed out when
Dominion Day was changed to Canada Day, could you
imagine any French man, woman or child allowing
Bastille Day to be demeaned to France Day? The French
would have rioted.

The grandeur of Canada? We now define ourselves by
being able to get a fully-funded hip replacement after
two-years on a waiting list popping pain killers. We
have gone from the heroic Vimy Ridge to helicopters
that don't fly and secondhand submarines that can't

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche -- a man whose
philosophies were much distorted by Hitler, read him
and you'll realize it -- carefully orchestrated how,
throughout history, rampant democracy leads to
liberalism, liberalism leads to licence, and licence
to anarchy.

We haven't quite reached anarchy yet, but we are
surely in the stage of licence. The prime minister
purports to be a dedicated Roman Catholic (as did his
predecessors Chretien and Joe Clark) while ignoring
the Church's ban on homosexuality and abortion (as did
Chretien and Clark). Hypocrisy rules. Ottawa has
basically sanctioned homosexual marriage, and the
decriminalization of marijuana. A prominent politician
steals a diamond ring valued at tens of thousands of
dollars, and gets no more than a sympathetic nod from
a judge.

If our leaders have no moral values or commitment to
our nation's history and culture, how can our nation's
children? No wonder a 15-year-old Calgary girl
secretly has a baby and dumps it on the street in a
garbage bag. Teenage girls -- and hardly teenagers at
that -- consider giving oral sex to the boys at their
schools simply friendly fun. No harm done.

In a very real way, the dysfunctional health-care
system we have, truly does define the dysfunctional
country we have. Our Liberal leaders assure us
everything is just fine. Incredibly, many believe
them, even as our nation rots.