Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Unionize Prostitutes, Says Canadian Labor Leader

Unionize prostitutes, Nfld. labour leader urges
Last Updated Wed, 08 Sep 2004 07:29:40 EDT

ST. JOHN'S, NFLD. - Prostitutes should belong to unions and enjoy the same
benefits as any other workers, says a major Newfoundland labour leader.
Wayne Lucas, provincial president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees,
urged the change to a St. John's radio program on the weekend.
"Work is work," Lucas told VOCM Niteline. "These are working people."
He said the union doesn't want to profit from prostitution, but wants to
make things better for the workers.
"The people who work in that trade, they certainly deserve some of the
benefits that other workers have traditionally received in their work
Prostitutes should have access to benefits such as health care and pensions,
he said.
"They're people, just like your next-door neighbour," he said. "They could
be a sister of ours, a mother, a cousin. They're out and they're in a
dangerous field."
The union, Canada's largest, has more than half a million members across
Canada, including workers in health care, education, social services, public
utilities, transportation and emergency services.

Written by CBC News Online staff