Saturday, September 04, 2004

Leftists Abuse Republican Convention Goers

Pro-family advocates say there is one aspect of the Republican National
Convention that went virtually unreported by the mainstream press. American
Conservative Union president Richard Lessner says that after massive
demonstrations failed, those protesting the convention tried a lesser tactic. He
says street protestors broke into small, roving bands of obnoxious people that
cornered delegates wearing convention credentials and regaled them with all
kinds of obscenities and profanities. Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working
Families said the popular media chose to ignore these deplorable tactics. "I
know delegates," Bauer says, "that have been shoved around and delegates that
have been in fist fights." He pointed out that there are some real far-left
thugs in the streets and thinks it's a sad thing to see this sort of thing
happening in the United States. In spite of the sad treatment, it did not deter
the celebratory delegates who anticipate a win at the polls in two months. [Bill