Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kenyan Police Regularly Find Aborted Fetuses

Abortion Babies Shock Police
The Nation (Nairobi)
September 16, 2004
Posted to the web September 15, 2004
By Stephen Muiruri

At least three foetuses are found in various parts of Nairobi every day,
according to a senior police officer.

The bodies are usually left in city streets and garbage sites in
estates, provincial police chief King'ori Mwangi said, yesterday.

In the latest incident, yesterday, dogs dragged a foetus to the Ministry
of Agriculture headquarters and started feasting on it, as employees
watched in horror.

Officers from the Kilimani police station were called in and took the
remains to the City Mortuary.

Mr Mwangi later commented: "It's a disturbing crime. Foetuses are being
found in dumps all over the city.

"Our officers are traumatised. They have to collect two or three
abandoned foetuses every day."

Last Thursday, police and the provincial administration found 20 babies
at a garbage site in Eastleigh, near the Nairobi River.

Those arrested include the driver of a pick-up truck found off-loading
black polythene bags at the site and the owner of a private clinic. The
conductor escaped.

Police officers also seized the medical equipment, waste and records of
various clinics at the site.

Mr Mwangi said 11 city clinics are under investigation after their names
were cited in abortion scandals.

The city police chief said they had taken to the Government Chemist
samples from the 20 foetuses for DNA tests. "We believe the results will
help us track down the mothers and charge them in court," Mr Mwangi

He asked churches to help bury the remains of the 20 foetuses still
lying at the morgue.

"We have obtained burial permits, but we want the remains given a decent
burial," he said.

Mr Mwangi asked Nairobians to give information on doctors and clinics
involved in illegal abortions.

Nine of the 20 bodies found on Thursday were discovered by street boys
scavenging in the garbage dump.

Police suspected the bodies were collected from various city estates.