Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Indian President Calls for World Government

Kalam calls for new world body to tackle terrorism
By IndiaExpress Bureau

At a time when India is lobbying for a permanent seat in the United Nations, President A P J Abdul Kalam has opined that no country should have the veto power in the UN and there is a need for a new world body to tackle global terrorism.

Asserting that this was his "personal views", Kalam while addressing prominent personalities in Dar es Salaam Sunday night said that "no nation should have veto powers. We need a foundation for the UN. It should not be depending on one country's resources".

"It is not my Government view and it is my personal view", he clarified.

The President was responding to a question on how to tackle terrorism globally as the UN was not effective.

Observing that India faced a "unique" problem of cross border terrorism, he said that New Delhi was taking steps to reinforce its borders and engaged in talks with its neighbour.

"You need a new world order system" to have a mission on facing the situation, Kalam said.