Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Homosexuals Hail Ford's 'Diversity Forum'

URL: http://www.agapepress.org
September 21, 2004

Ford Motor Company convened its first-ever Multi-Company "Diversity Forum" on
Monday, September 20, gathering more than 100 multinational companies for
industry-wide dialogue on diversity issues. Homosexual activists are hailing the
conference as a boon to their cause, since strategies to broaden the number of
"lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender" (LGBT) workers in the automotive
fields. Ford executives, including chairman and CEO Bill Ford, joined Michigan
Governor Jennifer Granholm in leading the discussion and stressing the
importance of diversity in business. In her remarks at the forum, Granholm
noted, "Promoting diversity makes good business sense," and would help the state
stay competitive in a global economy. Since she took office in 2002, the
Democratic governor has voiced support for homosexual civil unions and domestic
partnership benefits and has extended special status and protections to
homosexuals in the Michigan workforce. Ford has endeared itself to the
homosexual rights movement as well, having earned a 100 percent score in the
2004 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, a systematic review of how
America's largest companies treat LGBT employees, consumers, and investors. Ford
is the only automobile manufacturer and the largest corporation to get a perfect
score on the index.