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The Homosexual Fifth Column

The Homosexual Fifth Column
Ideology, Not Science
By Allan Dobras
September 13, 2004

As four of Emilio Mola Vidal's army columns moved on
Madrid, the Spanish Civil War general referred to his
militant supporters within the capital as his "fifth
column," intent on undermining the loyalist government
from within. ~ Encyclopedia Britannica, 2004

The homosexual rights movement is not a cause based on
science, social justice, or fairness toward a
"persecuted minority." Rather, it is the work of a
devious and clandestine fifth column that seeks to
undermine the moral values in place in America since
the founding of the Republic. Its beginnings can be
traced to the infamous 1973 decision made by the
American Psychiatric Association (APA) to strike
homosexuality from the officially approved list of
psychiatric illnesses.

From Illness to Interest Group
Prior to the APA decision, homosexual persons were
considered to be emotionally disturbed and lacking in
capacity to develop normal heterosexual relations. In
his book, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth,
psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover discusses how this
change came about:

How did this occur? Normally a scientific consensus
is reached over the course of many years, resulting
from the accumulated weight of many properly designed
studies. But in the case of homosexuality, scientific
research has only now just begun (c.1996), years after
the question was decided.The APA vote to normalize
homosexuality was driven by politics, not science.
Even sympathizers acknowledged this.the leadership of
a homosexual faction within the APA planned [in 1970]
a "systematic effort to disrupt the annual meetings of
the American Psychiatric Association".

The APA decision, therefore, was not based on rigorous
scientific discovery, but on hardball backroom
politics engineered by a cabal of homosexual activists
who pushed their agenda through intimidation and
deception. Other medical professional organizations
meekly fell in line and sodomy suddenly became an
officially acknowledged alternative lifestyle whose
practitioners were considered to be born with
unalterable homosexual attractions. Thus, any therapy
employed by a psychiatrist or psychologist intended to
change a person's sexual orientation was declared to
be unethical.

Armed with this newly gained acceptability, homosexual
activists were able to infiltrate the media, academia,
industry, government, and even the church with a
message geared toward "tolerance." They framed the
debate over this issue in the context of a
scientifically identified, oppressed minority,
victimized by the prejudice of a society dominated by
irrational religious values.

This strategy has proved so successful that
homosexuality-i.e. sodomy and all its variations-must
not only be tolerated, but accepted; not only
accepted, but affirmed; not only affirmed, but
promoted; and finally, not only promoted, but codified
into law with appropriate penalties for exhibiting
"intolerance" or "hate" toward the practice or its

The astonishing success of the homosexual rights
movement has, in large part, come about because the
debate has been controlled by well-placed homosexual
activists whose shameless work of propaganda has flown
under the radar of the typical American citizen.

The Print Media

Literally three-quarters of the people deciding what's
on the front page [of the New York Times] are
not-so-closeted homosexuals. ~ Richard Berke,

The above statement was made by New York Times
national political correspondent, Richard Berke. He
made the remarks in an April 12, 2000 National Press
Club reception reveling about how much things have
changed at the Times since he started 15 years ago.
"[It is] a real far cry from what it was like not so
long ago," he exulted.

The Times is the nation's most influential newspaper
and what it places on its front page sets the agenda
for other newspapers all over the country and in many
parts of the world. It follows then, that
not-so-closeted homosexuals determine what much of the
country reads in its newspapers.

Richard Berke is an open homosexual and longtime
member of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists
Association (NLGJA)-a 1,200-member organization
dedicated to providing "responsible gay coverage [for
the] issues of same-sex marriage, gay families,
parenting and adoption, gays in the military, sex
education in the schools, civil liberties, gay-related
ballot initiatives, gay bashing and anti-gay

The reach of the NLGJA goes far beyond the pages of
the New York Times. Speakers, honored guests, or
workshop presenters at NLGJA functions read like the
who's who" of media: Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom
Brokaw, Harry Smith, Katie Couric, Lesley Stahl,
George Stephanopoulos, Barbara Walters, Stone
Phillips, Linda Ellerbee Armstrong Williams, and Linda
Vester. Other participants have included New York
Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Mark Rosenthal, president and
chief operating officer of MTV Networks; Jim Kelly,
managing editor of Time magazine; Walter Isaacson,
chief executive officer of CNN; Anthony Marro, editor
of Newsday; Caroline Miller, editor-in-chief of New
York magazine; Andrew Heyward, president of CBS News,
and John Huey, managing editor of Fortune.

The wide support for the NLGJA shown by the active
participation by these media executives and
personalities is a clear indication of the depth of
homosexual influence in the popular media, and
certainly arouses justifiable suspicion that an
imbalance of reporting exists concerning issues of gay

The Film and Television Industry

Without homosexuals there would be no Hollywood, no
theater, no arts. ~ Elizabeth Taylor, film actress

The comment by Ms. Taylor is not an exaggeration and
extends beyond actors to all levels of the industry.
It should be no surprise that Hollywoodhas been
turning out more and more movies with a positive and
affirmative portrayal of the homosexual lifestyle.

Television currently includes a number of leading
lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender characters in
original primetime broadcast, and cable programming
for 2003-2004, including: Coupling (NBC), Degrassi:
The Next Generation (NTV), ER (NBC), It's All Relative
(ABC), The L Word (Showtime), Queer as Folk
(Showtime), RENO 911! (Comedy Central), Six Feet Under
(HBO), Will & Grace (NBC), The Wire (HBO), and Queer
Eye for the Straight Guy (Bravo).

In addition, television sitcoms and dramas often
feature positive homosexual themes and homosexual

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting features a
regular broadcast of In The Life, described as "a
national television series in a newsmagazine format
that reports on gay and lesbian issues and culture."
It is carried by over 130 public television stations
nationwide, including all of the top 20 viewer
markets. The program reaches more than one million
viewers per episode with a positive message about the
gay lifestyle. There is no counterbalance to this
program on public television.

The Public Schools

Ex-gay messages have no place in our nation's public
schools. A line has been drawn. There is no "other
side" when you're talking about lesbian, gay and
bisexual students. ~ Kevin Jennings, Executive
Director of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education
Network (GLSEN).

Mr. Jennings made the above statement upon the release
of a 1999 GLSEN publication, Just the Facts About
Sexual Orientation and Youth, which was mailed to
almost 15,000 school district superintendents across
the country. GLSEN said the publication was "prompted
by concerns that school personnel were receiving
inaccurate information on the issue of sexual
orientation and how to address it best with students."
The statement strongly urges educators and school
administrators to reject efforts to bring ex-gay
messages into the nation's schools.

GLSEN is certainly aware that homosexual attraction is
neither innate nor immutable; the fact that
homosexuality can be overcome is well documented by
the personal experiences of thousands of individuals
who have successfully left the lifestyle.
Nevertheless, it is GLSEN's intended purpose to show
children from K-12 that same sex attraction is normal.
Any suggestion that one can change his/her sexual
orientation, GLSEN claims, is fruitless and unethical
and has no place in the public schools.

Mr. Jennings efforts were recently rewarded by the
National Education Association-the powerhouse 2.7
million-member union that represents most U.S.
teachers-when the organization presented him with the
2004 Virginia Uribe Award for Creative Leadership in
Human Rights.

Critics of his selection pointed out that Mr. Jennings
was the keynote speaker at a GLSEN conference in 2000
at Tufts University where Massachusetts Department of
Education HIV/AIDS coordinators discussed with teenage
students ways to perform various homosexual acts.
This event became known as the notorious "fistgate
scandal," and the controversy it raised over the
exposure to children of vulgar and disturbingly
graphic descriptions of homosexual acts is still
reverberating in Massachusetts.

The National Education Association has been promoting
gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender affirmation
in the public schools for many years, through such
initiatives as recognizing sexual orientation as a
protected "civil right" for both students and staff;
developing sex education classes to include
information on the "diversity of sexual orientations,"
and teaming with homosexual rights groups to promote
gay-oriented "Back to School" programs.

With the help of the NEA, the 1999 gay-friendly video,
It's Elementary, was shown in classrooms throughout
the nation. In discussing the video, then president
of the NEA, Bob Chase, said

Schools cannot be neutral when we're dealing with
issues of human dignity and human rights. I'm not
talking about tolerance. I'm talking about
acceptance. It's Elementary is a great resource for
parents, teachers, and community leaders working to
teach respect and responsibility to America's

Regrettably, while parents continue to entrust the
education and social development of their children to
the public school system, the educators are
surreptitiously encouraging the children to explore a
lifestyle that most parents find repulsive and
unnatural, a lifestyle whose promotion is totally
inappropriate in primary and secondary schools. At the
same time, messages about persons who have overcome
the homosexual lifestyle are not tolerated in
NEA-dominated public schools.

The Gate Keepers
As the homosexual fifth column works its way through
academia, the media, the church, government, and
industry, opponents of gay affirmation often find
themselves outflanked by embedded homosexual gate
keepers who control the flow of information in and out
of their spheres of influence. The recent debate on
the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) is a case in
point. The proposed amendment is fiercely opposed by
homosexual advocacy groups who are making
extraordinary efforts to assure its defeat.

The homosexual weekly, Washington Blade, reported July
2 that gay activists Michael Rogers and John Aravosis
have threatened to "out" highly-placed closeted
staffers who work for members of Congress that support
the amendment as a means to "expose the hypocrisy" of
conservative lawmakers. According to the Blade, this
high-pressure tactic has "evoked panic and precaution
behind the Capitol's closed doors."

In other words, the number of influential, closeted
homosexuals working behind the scenes on Capitol Hill
is so pervasive that the mere threat of exposure may
be enough to pressure some members of congress to
change their position on the proposed amendment. In a
July 15 article in the Washington Post, Rogers
explained his concern over the FMA

Gays and lesbians are under attack! It's amazing to
me that people don't get that! So what are we going
to do? Protect these gay staffers who have influence
on policy matters while their bosses spew hate and

After the Ball
[T]he public should not be shocked and repelled by
premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself.
Instead, the imagery of sex per se should be
downplayed, and the issue of gay rights reduced, as
far as possible, to an abstract social question. ~
Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, After the Ball: How
America Will Conquer Its Fear & Hatred of Gays in the

In Kirk and Madsen's prophetic handbook, the authors
laid out a comprehensive plan for legitimizing
homosexuality, one that called for homosexuals to hide
the details of the unseemly side of their lifestyle
and portray themselves "conventional young people,
middle-age women, and older folks of all races.victims
of circumstance and depression." They write

To suggest in public that homosexuality might be
chosen is to open the can of worms labeled "moral
choices and sin" and give the religious intransigents
a stick to beat us with. Straights must be taught that
it is as natural for some persons to be homosexual as
it is for others to be heterosexual.wickedness and
seduction have nothing to do with it.

Kirk and Madsen insisted that the dark underworld of
homosexual behavior-the movement's Achille's Heel-must
be avoided at all costs. The homosexual fifth column
has followed the plan to perfection.


Al Dobras is a freelance writer on religious and
cultural issues and an electronics engineer. He lives
in Springfield, Virginia.