Thursday, September 09, 2004

Gay Degenerates Plot Toronto Event

(Warning: Explicit language)

No frills f-----
PUSSY PALACE LITE / Sisters are doing it for themselves
story by Leanne Cusitar / Xtra! Sep 2 2004

Word on the street is that the bodacious babes behind the Pussy Palace are
making a bold new move in their quest to provide Toronto with hassle-free
girl-on-girl booty calls. But unlike previous events, this one will be
aimed at all the low-maintenance hoochies out there.

Anyone who's attended one of the Toronto Women's Bathhouse Committee's
previous Sapphic soirees knows the veritable cornucopia of sensual
delights that have awaited them there. The second you stepped through the
doors you entered an alternate universe of carefully constructed
sex-positivity, complete with guided tours of the premises that included
stops at massage rooms, lap-dancing nooks, a peek in at the temple
priestess, cupid games and much, much more. All of the activities designed
to put women in the mood have been provided by a horde of yummy
volunteers, ever-so-eager to serve bathhouse patrons.

On Thu, Sep 16 the event will take a turn toward the DIY model with a
no-frills Pussy Palace just like the ones the boys have available to them
every day. Here adventurous gals in search of a little no-questions-asked,
no-phone-numbers-given koochie will be in charge of what they give and
get. As the committee puts it, it's got all the flavour of the former
bathhouses with none of the additives.

Carlyle Jansen, long-time member of the Toronto Women's Bathhouse
Committee, says the group would like to offer the bathhouse nights more
frequently but the amount of work involved is huge. And with a human
rights case still pending before the courts over the police raid four
years ago they're already pretty busy gals. Hopefully, a back-to-basics
approach will allow the committee to provide more events with less work,
as well as provide an opportunity for the gals who've attended previous
parties to show off what they've learned.

(If you yearn for the luxury of the previous Pussy Palace events, don't
worry. There's a plan to continue running bathhouses with all the
trimmings; the committee hopes to be able to run at least one event of
each type per year if they get a good response to this one.)

It's always been the committee's hope that the more nervous gals venturing
into the bathhouse would find the various services a yummy way to warm up
to more sizzlingly spontaneous action as the night went along, and to
encourage gals receiving services to feel free to provide a bit of sexy

themselves. After all, there's nothing like receiving a sensual massage to
put you in the mood to give one, right? Evidence that this strategy works
has been demonstrated on previous Pussy Palace nights; where gals who just
received a tantalizing treat from one of the many volunteers on hand were
often observed being inspired to (ahem) share the wealth, to the great
glee of all the lucky gals involved.

Pussy Palace Lite will expand on this tradition by providing a golden
opportunity for all those lascivious and lovely lusty ladies with an
opportunity to demonstrate just how truly bold 'n' bootylicious they are
by putting more of themselves on the line, all in the name of expanding
their sexual horizons. The only difference will be they'll be operating
more independently than usual at this event.

If you've always dreamed of dazzling the gals with your smooth and silky
lap-dancing moves, bring a couple of sexy outfits and let 'er rip. If
you're really feeling inspired, you could even hang out your shingle and
do a hands-on training for a bevy of eager babes. The same goes for things
like massages, cupid games and other deliciously decadent diversions - if
you can think it up, you can provide it at the Pussy Palace Lite event.
(Just remember it's all volunteer-based. Nobody gets paid for her time at
an event like this.)

Of course, not every gal who goes will want to do this - some of us are,
after all, more into receiving than giving - but it's likely there'll be
more than enough of us who do to get everybody's motor running.

Another advantage of the more stripped-down approach is the increased
emphasis on gals becoming more direct about expressing their desire for
the sweet patooties who get their knickers in a twist. Gals interested in
this type of space will be thrilled. More women will be attending this
event with a renewed determination to cruise like the boys do - directly,
succinctly and without the need for all the bells and whistles. Sure, it
can be a lot scarier to approach that hot babe you've got your eye on than
lining up for some guaranteed attention from a volunteer, but how else
will you ever learn to get out there and ask for what you want, even if it
means you risk getting shot down in the process?

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

. Get into a hard-core chick-cruising mode before you arrive. That might
mean going it alone so you don't end up joined at the hip with your
friends instead of prowling the halls like the sultry sex bomb you really

. Start off with a bang by scheduling an early evening sex date with an
existing lover to get you ramped up and ready to hit on all those gals out
there waiting for you. Even if you are the shy type, there's nothing like
the just-f----d look to get the gals sniffing around

. Vary your cruising style. Saunter, sashay or stride the maze of
hallways. Then, when you find a nook or cranny that particularly appeals
to you (the sling room comes to mind), prop yourself up against the wall
and wait for the gals to come to you. Make eye contact with everyone,
indicating your interest (or lack thereof) clearly. If they respond to
your slow, seductive smile, get your horny ass over there and tell them
what you're looking for. If they don't get your nibbly bits in a twist,
simply turn your head away - if they still approach, politely say
"Thank-you, but I'm not interested"

. Expect rejection. It's part of the game and isn't about you, anyway.
Someone either floats your boat or not, and if you go in expecting to hear
a few nos you're a lot more likely to hang in there till you hit the gals
that can't wait to say yes to you.

So whether you're a seasoned bathhouse babe ready for the hunt or a
blushing novice eager to have her Pussy Palace cherry popped, there's a
good chance you'll find something at Pussy Palace Lite that'll work for
you. Organizers are crossing their fingers that they'll see hundreds of
fabulous femmes, sweet-hot butches, ever-appealing androgynes and
tantalizing trans folk out. After all, if enough women and trans folk
attend to make it financially worthwhile for the clubs, it could mean
doubling the number of bathhouses they provide - and who could complain
about that?

$17 for a room. $10 for a locker.
8pm-2am. Thu, Sep 16.
Club Toronto. 231 Mutual St.
(416) 925-9872 ext 2115.