Monday, August 23, 2004

Planned Parenthood - Dressed to Kill

Forum: Planned Parenthood - Dressed to kill
Project director
American Conservative Union.

Talk about "teeing" off pro-life Americans. In a summer consumed by the future occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania, Planned Parenthood has other tricks up its sleeve. Literally. The group, which has lost some political traction with the Bush administration, is giddily selling its "killer" wares to the online masses.
In what can only be called poor taste, Planned Parenthood has announced a new addition to its online store. The organization "is proud to offer yet another T-shirt in our new social fashion line: 'I Had an Abortion' fitted T-shirts. These soft and comfortable tees assert a powerful message in support of women's rights." And wrongs.
These "wearables with a message" speak volumes. Gone are the days of Hawthorne's public Puritanism. They've been replaced instead by the wholesale shamelessness that has pervaded America's conscience ... and wardrobes. Forget moral progress. This era's Scarlet "A" is available to ship overnight in small, medium, and large.
The Planned Parenthood site runs a banner for the shirts that reads, "They've finally arrived." (Unlike the 44 million unborn babies that — since 1973 — haven't). If anything, the trend affirms there's no business like the abortion business. And according to reports, it's a booming one for Planned Parenthood. The group's profits are still through the roof even though overall abortion rates are down. In its 2003 annual report, Planned Parenthood announced it performed 6.7 percent more abortions than the year before — not to mention a tidy 300 percent increase in revenue.
Unfortunately, this increase in profit rarely translates to increased protection for women. What the group isn't willing to advertise on "wearables" is that abortion not only kills children, it also hurts women.
A study by the Elliot Institute found women who have abortions are 65 percent likelier to suffer from depression than those who carry their pregnancies to term. A hefty 10 percent of women who undergo abortions suffer from immediate complications, and another 5 percent are left involuntarily sterile. These facts are hardly surprising when you consider New York veterinary clinics are held to stricter regulations than the state's abortion clinics.
So much for legal, safe and rare. Say what you will about the debate, but Planned Parenthood is "minding its business" when it should be minding what's in the best interest of women.
If it weren't for the organization's perverse delight in misleading the masses, social conservatives might actually admire Planned Parenthood for its marketing genius. After all, its primary profit-maker, abortion, is the solution to a problem the organization itself has helped to create — rampant sexual promiscuity. With unequivocal access to teens and schools for ample condom dispensing, Planned Parenthood sows its wild oats for future business.
The organization was founded to promote abortion. And what better way to advertise than encourage teenagers to have sex? Its strategy is to rouse those young hormones into the next contraception consumers. Then, when the birth control it provides fails (as the organization — and even the medical community — anticipates it will), those same teenagers are the next generation of abortion customers. Sveltely outfitted ones, at that.
The organization will stop at nothing to spread its gospel of irresponsibility to the country's most susceptible audience: teenage girls. Armed with a lethal strategy to misinform, and, of course, the hard-earned money of the American taxpayer, Planned Parenthood's tentacles have latched onto local prey with surprising ease.
Meanwhile, all the organization can offer minors are major problems. In South Dakota, Planned Parenthood decries the state's decision to censor its "teenwire" site from public libraries. In the site's defense, Planned Parenthood writes, "For teens in South Dakota, the lifesaving information available on has become much more difficult to find."
Lifesaving information such as the invaluable tips on pleasuring oneself? Or one's same-sex partner? Here children are encouraged to play games about issues from bisexuality to birth control. For girls looking for an abortion without their parents' consent, the "experts" outline a foolproof plan. To kids struggling with their sexual orientation, the Web site says, "having sex with both boys and girls is normal and healthy." Tell that to the thousands of homosexuals now suffering from AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. This library's investigation into Planned Parenthood's "medically accurate information" is long overdue.
Perhaps the organization's latest marketing debacle is motivated by fear studies on the merits of abstinence-only education are gaining ground. One such article, poised for release in the peer-reviewed journal Adolescent & Family Health, outlines the statistically significant success of the 18 year-old Best Friends abstinence program. Its inner-city, public school population (prime targets for Planned Parenthood's fall collection) is "substantially less likely to have sex ... despite the fact that the Best Friends schools have reading scores similar to and math scores lower than the District of Columbia as a whole, and despite the fact that they are located in wards that have higher rates of out-of-wedlock births."
Competition is a fairly novel idea for the country's abortion cartel. One that, with any luck, will be bad for business.