Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Passing On a Few Lessons in Living

Aug. 9, 11:48 EDT
Passing on a few lessons in living
Three score and 19.4
E. Baldock, Grimsby
The Hamilton Spectator

I am a person of three score and twenty, with more pluses than less, so Iam qualified, I believe, to share some of the things I have learned.So long as I can read the newspaper, the first thing I do is turn to the"funnies," only then do I turn to the editorial page.I am still learning, mind you, but here are some things worth considering:* Pay all debts promptly -- eat later. I soon learned not to buy recklessly.* Don't let yourself get hooked on anything. It will enslave.* Love, but not overmuch; rather be kind to all living things, man or beast.* Learn to like the work that must be done. Take a good look at it: Littlethings can be interesting, too ... honest.* Be glad at the loveliness of God's creation, or even our babies andlittle ones; good music and singing.I am so sorry I didn't sing more, for now I have lost the ability. So Iwould say sing, and keep your voice strong.* Never let the fashion industry make a fool out of you. And remember,three pairs of cheap shoes for $100, would have bought one pair of goodshoes that will not fall off your feet in a hurry.* Make the best out of what you have: it is real joy to your spirit toimprove on it.* Most important: remember every- day that there is a God who cares,particularly when we care.And He makes the final decision on our coming and going.