Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Education Vital in Right-to-Life Struggle

AgapePress Christian News Service
August 13, 2004

A spokesman for the National Right to Life organization says the greatest weapon against abortion is education. NRL's Director of Education, Randy O'Bannon, believes teaching people the truth about abortion and its aftermath will be a key element in changing the hearts of America on the issue. "For the longest time the people who are in favor of abortion have controlled the sort of media and the sort of information that's gone out, and we've always had to struggle to correct all the misperceptions," O'Bannon says. But now, he says with the help of the Internet, and other media for disseminating their factsheets and information, he says, "we're able to tell people about abortion, andabout how dangerous it is." NRL's spokesman says the truth is on the side of the pro-life movement, and as people discover the truth about abortion and about the "development and the preciousness of the life of the unborn child," their thinking changes. O'Bannon adds that it is possible to see, statistically, how the number of abortions declines as the education process sinks in.

[Bill Fancher]