Friday, August 27, 2004

The Agenda Behind the Global Flu Scare

The Real Agenda Behind the Global Flu Pandemic PR Campaign
Jon Rappoport | August 26 2004

The ball is rolling on the PR campaign to convince us that a global flu pandemic is coming up.

"The sky is falling. Stay indoors."

Flu is a terrific PR target because respiratory problems are universal: 1.9 billion lung infections of various kinds wordwide every year. You can call it flu, you can call it SARS, you can call it avian or cat or pig whatever. It's an open field.

The drug that is being touted "for the pandemic" is TAMIFLU (aka Oseltamivir), manufactured by Hoffmann-LA Roche.

Basically, here is the profile. The most serious (but infrequent) adverse effect is an allergic reaction: hard to breathe/closing of throat/swelling of lips, tongue, face/hives.

The less serious but more frequent adverse effects are: nausea; vomiting; diarrhea; abdominal pain; headache; dizziness; fatigue; insomnia; cough.

As I predicted yesterday, several (if not all) of these effects can be wrongly interpreted as symptoms of the flu rather than results of the drug.

"Doctor, my son was healthy yesterday. You gave him that drug to prevent the flu and now he has all these symptoms."

"Symptoms of the flu. He has the flu. If we hadn't given him the drug he might have leprosy by now."

People with kidney or liver problems are warned as well. In other words, the drug can add to the toxicity already involved in the less-than-normal functioning of those organs.

The effect of Tamiflu on pregnant women's unborn children is not known.

Mothers nursing their babies? Contradictory advice. "Effect of drug not known." "DON'T take drug while nursing."

The safety and efficacy of Tamiflu re children under 18 are not established.

The capper? Two major studies on Tamiflu measured the time it took for cessation of flu symptoms...drug versus placebo. The drug outperformed the sugar pill by 1.3 days.

Will miracles never cease?

You decide the risk/ benefit.

One of the key buttons being pushed by the PR flacks: "O my God, there is a great shortage of the flu drugs and vaccines. Who will get them? Who will be left out? How do we establish priorities? We need more money to pay the drug companies to step up production. MAYBE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD TAKE OVER THE PRODUCTION ITSELF."

Reminds me of an old cartoon. Panel one: guy opens up a new store. Panel two: the next day he puts up big signs---GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE---LAST CHANCE---PRICES SLASHED---BUY NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Working the rubes, baby. Working the rubes.